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We’ve all had those moments when you’re trying to submit documents for something important, such as a visa application, only to receive the message ‘score not accepted’. Thus, it’s handy to have a program around that can change IELTS score with a minimum of fuss. IELTSwithT2 would be a great choice for increasing your compatibility- plus of course it’s friendly and homely!


The GED® credential is an alternative education system of 12th grade traditional education. Students do not have to pass HSC or A-levels to get admission to universities. After finishing up SSC or O-levels, students can easily achieve the GED® credentials in just four months and prepare him/her to take admission in private universities in Bangladesh and also study abroad.

Spoken English & Life Skills For UK

Whether your aim is to brush up your language skills, improve your English ability to reach a high IELTS score, progress to further study or just study for fun learning.
And IELTS Life Skills is a must (A1) for entry clearance to the UK in Spouse Category. Our course would be a great choice for increasing your chance to success- plus of course it’s friendly and homely!


Here at English Language Academy, we put our students first. We believe it is vital to how we can improve your performance. T2care challenges your way of thinking, explores best practices  & above all provides CARE. We are confident in what we do. You come and feel the utility. It’s happier you in a more inclusive workplace. 


For your IELTS || Life Skills || Spoken English || GED

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Mufti MB Hasan (Suhan)


Did a great score with a perfect 9 on listening.




After passing HSC he decided to go Canada for Higher Education and Bingo, he is now living his expectation.



Life skills

She got succeeded in Life Skills in just two weeks' time and flew to her destination in the UK.




Wanted to brush up his spoken English to face everyday challenge. CAME! ADMITTED! CONQUERED!


Rubel Borua

Rubel Borua

Corporate, Banglalink, Sylhet

"I was very pleased to have you by my side while taking my IELTS preparation, Thanks for making this so easy. I couldn't have asked for more than this."

Tania Rahman

Tania Rahman

IELTS candidate

"Never had the impression that IELTS could be that easy to swallow unless I came across you "

Dr. Sharmina Ferdous

Dr. Sharmina Ferdous

Jalalabad RR Medical College

"Thank you for making it painless, pleasant and most of all hassle free! I am so pleased with your service. Your style is great! I will be referring everyone I know."


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